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    Ms. Rachel Griffin Accurso Takes a Break from TikTok to Prioritize Mental Health 23

    Who is Rachel Griffin Accurso?

    Ms. Rachel Griffin Accurso is a 40-year-old mom, well-known & passionate teacher and songwriter who has won awards for her work, and internet sensation who creates kids’ songs rooted in speech therapy techniques. She started her YouTube channel with her husband and some theater friends after struggling to find help for her own son who had a speech delay. Her videos have become popular among parents of preschoolers, and she has amassed more than 1 billion views between YouTube and TikTok. She calls her favorite kids’ songs, such as “Wheels on the Bus” and “Old MacDonald,” “so good for language and learning.” Ms. Rachel is also a mental health advocate and has even written an a d u l -t musical about mental health with her husband and collaborator, Broadway composer and director Aron Accurso.

    Ms. Rachel Griffin Accurso interview

    Ms. Rachel, a favorite among preschoolers, recently spoke with PEOPLE about her massive success on YouTube and TikTok, and what motivates her to keep creating. The 40-year-old mother, whose real name is Rachel Griffin Accurso, is a former teacher and speech therapist who has garnered over 1 billion views on her videos in recent years. However, she recently announced that she will be taking a break from TikTok for the sake of her mental health.

    In an interview with PEOPLE, Ms. Rachel emphasized the importance of self-care, stating that she works hard to not let negative comments affect her. “Helping kids inspires me to do the work and get up every day, but you do encounter some things that are more negative,” she said. While she has not publicly commented on the reason for her break, some commenters on her recent videos posted disparaging comments about her colleague Jules, who uses they/them pronouns.

    As a mental health advocate and writer of an a d u l -t musical about mental health, Ms. Rachel Griffin Accurso encourages people to recognize that mental health conditions are not their fault or a character flaw. “Growing up, I thought I was damaged and there was something wrong with me. But I want people to know that’s not true,” she said.

    Ms. Rachel first gained fame on YouTube in 2019 with her “Songs for Littles,” but has since found success on TikTok as well. She loves the way TikTok allows her to connect with parents and see how they use her songs and games away from the screen. “The most important thing for parents is to have those warm, caring, back-and-forth interactions with their children and being able to see that on TikTok is beautiful,” she said. “And it helps me see what’s really working on the show — it’s a way to have a relationship with my audience.”

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    Rachel Griffin Accurso’s YouTube channel began as a way to help her own son, who was experiencing speech delays. With a background in education and her husband’s experience in Broadway, they created a show that used techniques from her son’s speech therapist. The videos include classic children’s songs and original works, with predictable phrases that encourage communication and engagement. Ms Rachel Griffin Accurso is passionate about helping parents and children, and encourages parents to reach out to their state’s Early Intervention program for evaluation and use natural gestures to encourage communication. Her “why” is to be helpful and have fun while sharing her passion for education and helping people.

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