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    Adeel Shams Net Worth 2023; Biography, Age, Height, Family, Education, Early Life, and more details

    Who is Adeel Shams? Do you know how much Adeel Shams Actual Net Worth is? What is his profession? What is his age, height, and weight? Who is his wife? Do you want to know more details about his Biography, family, education, early life, and more secrets?

    Today we will talk about Adeel Shams Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Education, Early Life, and Wife; let’s talk about his secrets, the most interesting, surprising, and many more exciting stories.

    Adeel Shams Wikipedia

    Real name: Adeel shams, His nickname is Adeel. Based on his birthplace, He is American. Adeel’s hometown is Los Angeles, California, United States. He is the owner and CEO of Cool Kicks. Now we are writing a biography in this part. Adeel Shams makes millions of reselling sneakers. Currently Adeel Shams and his business partner Devon Arts – Runs Cool Kicks, a reputable company that buys, sells and markets sneakers and streetwear.

    Founder of Myna Swap: In June 2022, he announced a platform called Myna Swap, a global platform to connect creators, consumers, curators with products of their choice.

    His early years had been enjoyable. He worked hard and followed the rules. His goal-oriented life has helped him reach his success goals, which he has earned. Adeel Shams Religion has yet to be made available, but we will inform you as soon as we learn more. To get more detailed information, scroll down slowly.

    Real Name:Adeel Shams
    Nick Name:Adeel
    Home Town:Los Angeles, California
    Profession:CEO of Cool Kicks and Founder of Myna Swap
    Adeel Shams wiki

    Adeel shams Age

    Many followers like me want to know, when is Adeel sham’s birthday? How old is he? You can discover it here if you need to know his date or place of birth and other related information. Adeel shams’ birthday is October 6, 1991. Currently, Adeel shams is 31 years old. He used to honor his birthday with a grand party along with his family and posts vlogs and pictures on Social media. Adeel was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.

    We find the date of birth of Adeel shams from social media and open source. Unfortunately, at this time, no information about shams’ actual birthday or age is available on his official site. If we can collect the correct birthday or age, we will update this section for all followers. We would like to wish him a very happy birthday.

    Date of Birth:October 6, 1991.
    Age:31 Years
    Birth Place:Los Angeles, California, United States
    Adeel Shams net worth
    Image credit: Adeel Shams

    Adeel shams Figure Measurements, Size, Height & Weight

    Adeel sham’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, and he weighs 76 kg. Weight is always changeable; you can see his current weight. Many followers try to find the Height and Weight and Figure Measurements. People can set hairstyles, clothes, makeup, height, weight, and eye color trends. So we are concerned about this.

    Height:5 feet 9 inches
    Weight:76 kg

    Adeel shams Early Life

    Adam Shams had a wonderful childhood. He liked to play with his friends and was very responsible, which helped him get where he is now. He always put his heart into everything he did, which helped him do great things.

    Adil Shams family members

    Adil Shams – child of a small family. They are one brother, one sister. His father was now a prominent lawyer and mother was a teacher. His sister’s ‍and parents’ names or details are not known.

    His parents have always supported him, but they could have been more supportive when he decided to start his own company. He didn’t give up though and is now a successful business owner. He feels that his hard work and determination have led him to success.

    Adeel shams Education Life

    Adeel Shams works in business and loves to read and learn about different ways to market products. He earned his marketing undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, after which he earned his master’s degree in creative brand management from the VCU Brandcenter. Adeel is a big supporter of continuing education and thinks it’s essential for success in today’s business world. He is an outstanding example of someone who has used their education to advance their career and make a good life for themselves.

    Adeel shams Professional Career

    Adeel Shams is worth a lot of money. He got started in the sneaker business. He first got a job at Cool Kicks, selling different kinds of sneakers and shoes. Once his brand became well-known, he didn’t need to start other businesses. He became a multi-millionaire from his sneakers shop.

    Adeel Shams Net Worth

    Adeel Shams’s net worth is $9.5 million. Entrepreneur best known for co-founding Cool Kicks, which has become one of the most popular sneaker stores in the world. For many years, Adeel has provided shoppers with the best sneakers available. Cool kicks owner is now the most famous millionaire in the world. Adeel Shams is a rich sneakers reseller. He has attained much success through his best-quality goods and excellent customer service. Adeel Shams sold the best quality sneakers to the customers. He is now one of the world’s most famous billionaires and an inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

    Adeel Shams is a millionaire sneaker retailer who has achieved success through his quality products and excellent customer service. For many years, Adeel has provided shoppers with the best sneakers available, and his monthly sales are evidence of his commitment to his customers. Adeel has become one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, with a net worth still growing due to his devotion to his business.

    Total Net Worth (2022)$9.5 million
    Monthly Salary$52 K
    Annual Salary$.53 Million
    Last Updated:December, 2022

    Cool Kicks Net Worth

    Cool kicks is the most well-known sneaker brand based in the United States. Of their awesome qualities of sneakers, they have become one of the most popular sneaker sellers. Accordingly, they made a lot of money selling sneakers with a reputation.

    Cool kicks’s net worth is about 16 Million dollars. Urban-chic casual clothing stores stock streetwear, sports labels & sneakers in the United States. Due to their excellent sneaker quality, they have become one of the most popular sellers. Cool kicks is a collectible sneaker retail chain. Adeel Shams founded cool kicks.

    YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
    2022$16 Million16.39%
    2021$14 Million31%
    2020$11 Million43.85%
    2019$8 MillionN/A
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    How did Cool Kicks start?

    Shams sold his stake in the Richmond company after graduating in 2016, relocated to Los Angeles, California, with roughly 500 pairs of shoes, and launched Cool Kicks. Cool Kicks is different from traditional resale sites like StockX and Stadium Goods. Instead, it is a store that owns everything in it.

    Many followers want to hear Adil Cool Kick’s origin story; I have added a video clip for them. Produced by Kickstart Stories, Brian McIntosh talks to Adil Shams, co-owner of Cool Kicks. Together, they discuss the origin story of Cool Kick and what it takes to start a business. You also can subscribe to the Kickstart Stories Youtube Channel.

    Credit: Kick Start Stories

    Adeel Shams Houses, Cars & Luxury Brands

    Our online and offline research found Adeel Shams’s two houses, five cars, and luxury brands. If we can collect the exact number of houses and cars in 2023 will be updated as soon as possible. If you know the correct information about Adeel Shams, please get in touch with us.

    Adeel shams Marital Status and girlfriend

    Adeel Shams has many followers all over the world. Who wants to know, is Adeel Shams married or single? What is the name of Adeel Shams’s wife or girlfriend? If you are a gossip fan, you will enjoy this part, where we discuss Adeel Shams’s personal life.

    Yes, Adeel Shams is Single, and he didn’t reveal his girlfriend’s name.

     In addition, we’ve tried to cover his favorite things and personalities here. But unfortunately, at the moment, we need more information about the marital life or girlfriend of Adeel shams or who his wife is. But very soon, we will update you and tell you who Adeel’s wife is.

    People also ask

    1. Adeel Shams net worth

      Adeel Shams is the founder of the well-known shoe company Cool Kicks and a sneaker store. He owns an organization called Myna Swap.

    2. How much is Adeel Shams net worth?

      Adeel shams net worth is about $9.5 Million.

    3. Adeel shams age

      Adeel Shams birthday was on October 6, 1991. Adeel is now 31 years old.

    4. Adeel shams Wikipedia

      Adeel is the owner, ‍and CEO of Cool Kicks, ‍and founder of Myna Swap. Adeel Shams net worth is around $9.5 million. He earns all his money selling his brand of Cool Kick sneakers along with fame. His company net worth of Cool Kick is $16 million. Adil Shams is a successful businessman.

    5. Who is the owner of Cool kicks?

      Cool kicks is a collectible sneaker retail chain. Cool Kick’s owner is Adeel shams.

    6. Cool kicks owner’s net worth

      Cool kicks owner’s net worth is $9.5 Million.

    7. Who is Adeel Shams wife?

      He is single. If we can collect the latest information about his wife, we’ll update the information as soon as possible.

    8. What is the nationality of Adeel Shams?

      Adeel Shams is an American.

    9. Who is the owner of Cool Kicks LA?

      Cool kicks is a collectible sneaker retail chain founded by sneakerhead Adeel Shams.

    10. What is the religion of Adil Shams?

      We could not find any accurate information about Adil Shams’ religion.

    11. Who is the founder of Superkicks?

      Vibhor Nahata is the Founder of Superkicks. Learn more details about Vibhor Nahata’s net worth.

    Adeel Shams Social Media Profiles, You can follow him.

    Adeel Shams instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

    This article is about Adeel Shams Biography, Age, Height, Family, Education, Early Life, and more details. This information will help you to know more about Adeell. We will update you if we can gather more detailed information about Adil Shams Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Home & Cars, Family, Education, Ethnicity, Early Life and Career. Please share with your friends who love to read about their favorite actors, musicians and models. This inspired us to write more articles. Thanks a lot for reading this post about Adil Shams.

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